The Danish Quantum Communication Infrastructure is the national Danish contribution to the pan-European infrastructure EuroQCI. The project is funded by the European Commisision under the Digital Europe Programme as well as by the Danish government. It is a collaboration between Danish universities, companies, and public authorities.

In QCI.DK we will establish a quantum secured metropolitan network between 5 Danish public authorities and 2 associated data centres in the Copenhagen area. In addition the infrastructure will encompass a 200 km long-distance link connecting three participating university partners via the metropolitan network. QCI.DK will combine three different QKD technologies in one network and thereby enable a broad range of tests and applications. To explore applications of QKD, the project devotes large attention to the development of use cases in the public authorities network and analysis of best implementations. This knowledge, together with essential practical experiences from the hardware implementation, will directly spill over into education, training, and outreach activities targeting the formation of a quantum aware workforce with proficiency in QKD and the creation of general quantum awareness in Denmark. Both future and existing workforce will be addressed through a combination of university teaching and up-skilling.

Project Objectives

  • Objective 1: Deployment of a metropolitan quantum communication network between public authorities
  • Objective 2: Long-distance quantum communication network between Odense and Copenhagen
  • Objective 3: Development and implementation of use cases among five Danish public authorities
  • Objective 4: Training of stakeholders and education of a quantum workforce
  • Objective 5: Cooperation with other member states