Danish Quantum Communication Infrastructure

The Danish Quantum Communication Infrastructure (QCI.DK) is a concrete, detailed, and highly ambitious project targeting first deployment of Danish quantum communication technologies in a versatile network that supports real-life applications of Quantum Key Distribution.

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Government network

Metropolitan network for quantum-safe communication between Danish government ministries
European telecommunication network connected over Europe, France, Germany, UK, Italy, concept about internet and global communication technology for finance, blockchain or IoT, elements from NASA

Long-distance link

First deployment of QKD for long-distance quantum-secure link in Denmark
DTU Miljø, studerende, studiemiljø, studieliv, undervisning,

Training & Education

Training, educating, and up-skilling the workforce required for future deployment of QKD in private and public sectors

There is a global race to develop quantum technologies, which will lead to significant changes in society. Denmark is in a good position and with this research project we get the opportunity to test the huge potential of the technology on our data infrastructure. By establishing an experimental quantum communications network between four ministries, we get closer to actually getting the technology into society. This is positive because it also has an enormous potential for businesses and industry
- Morten Bødskov, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Latest News

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Kick-off meeting

On March 17, the entire QCI.DK gathered at the Technical University of Denmark to kick off the project
Morten Bødskov opening speech

Opening speech

Minister for Industry. Business and Financial Affairs Morten Bødskov gave the opening speech

In the lab

At the kick-off, Minister Morten Bødskov to see first-hand some of the technology to be implemented in QCI.DK

Project partners